We are physician-owned. We understand you and your needs. We have a hands on experience in treating patients, working in surgeon practices, and performing outpatient surgery. We value your perspective, and we actively work on constantly incorporating it into shaping policies and procedures in our center. 

We are local. Headquartered in Chicago, our management team has over thirty years’ experience running outpatient surgery centers. We understand needs of the local patient populations and realities of the local market. 

We are committed to personalized and high quality customer service. Surgeons working with Magna Surgical Center can attest to the high level of personalized care provided to our physicians. We understand the struggles of private practice's busy schedule. We do not burden you with unnecessary paperwork or scattered scheduling. Staff at the Magna Surgical Center is determined to accommodate both physicians and their patients to deliver a seamless experience with every visit.     

High patient satisfaction rate (96%-98%). Magna Surgical Center is consistently given very high satisfaction ratings from visiting patients. If you decide to perform surgeries at our institution you can be sure that your patients will receive the best care possible. 

We are independent. We answer only to our medical staff, our board and our physician-partners. That gives us freedom and allows fast decision-making which for you means less paperwork and more flexibility. 

Hand picked surgical teams. Hiring the best and keeping a turnover low, allows us to provide you with consistency and highly personalized experience.

Magna Surgical Center is a state-of-the art outpatient facility located just five minutes from the Midway Airport. In our dedication to the best quality of care, we strive to continuously improve our process via collaboration with surgeons and medical staff. We are always open to changes and innovation which makes us a great partner in delivering the best care to patients needing procedures from a wide array of specialties. Some of the features that make Magna Surgical Center a unique partner in patient care are:

As an organization, we are dedicated to providing the best service to both surgeons and their patients. Every decision we make in our daily work is guided by these five goals:     

  • To provide safe, effective, efficient care in an ambulatory surgical setting.

  • To provide patient-centered care ensuring the optimal flow of patients through the process of care.

  • To provide care in a cost-effective and timely manner.
  • To continuously improve organizational performance.
  • To continuously attain high levels of patient, physician and staff satisfaction.